Title NFA Class 3 Firearms Auction
Date & Time Starts at 12pm on 06/22/18 and Ends on 07/13/2018 at 4:00pm EST

This is a NFA Class 3 Firearms Auction

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Court Ordered Auction--File #15CV00764-JFL004
Brian R. Bojo, Receiver
Rome, Floyd County, GA
Online Auction

CONDITIONS OF SALE: Dempsey Auction Company (Auctioneer) has entered a contract with Brian R. Bojo as Receiver of the Derry S. Richardson Estate, (Seller), TO SELL AT ABSOLUTE AUCTION certain parcels of Personal Property as described by the attached list.

All personal property is selling “AS IS, WHERE IS” free and clear from all liens and judgments. It is offered for sale and sold “AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS, IF ANY” without representation or warranty of any kind as to their condition. No warranties, either statutory or otherwise, expressed or implied, including those as to the fitness for a particular use, purpose or merchantability, concerning the property are given by the Auctioneer or Seller. Neither the Auction Company nor the Auctioneer makes any representation concerning the property whatsoever. All bidders acknowledge and agree by their participation in the Auction, that he/she has inspected the Property, has had the opportunity to inspect the Property and has declined, or has not inspected the Property at all, and in any event, is not relying on any warranty or representation of the Seller, Auctioneer or any agent thereof. No claim will be considered for allowance, adjustment or rescission of any sale based upon the failure of the property to correspond to any particular standard of expectation.

We require all bidders register and obtain a bid number in order to participate in the bidding process. As far as possible, the auction will proceed in numerical sequence; however, it shall be at the Auctioneer's option to consolidate or break down lots or quantities offered and sell lots out of scheduled numerical sequence.

All decisions of the Auctioneer will be final, including the increments of bidding, disputes among bidders, or any other issues that might arise before, during or after the auction. In the event of a tie bid, the Auctioneer shall have the right to reopen the bidding to determine the highest bidder between the tie bidders only.

The Seller has the right, at their sole discretion; to add or withdraw all or any portion of the items before the auctions conclusion on Friday, July 13th, 2018 @ 4:00pm.

While quantities and descriptions are believed to be correct, neither the Auctioneer nor the Sellers make any guarantees and will not be held responsible for listings, or advertisement inaccuracies or discrepancies. Please inspect the merchandise, as no adjustment will be made for error in description or quantity estimate. Be sure you bid on the lots you wish to buy. We cannot correct any errors on your part.

Upon the award of bid, title and all risk of loss, damage to or destruction of the purchased item, passes to the Purchaser, and the Auctioneer or Seller shall have no liability whatsoever for any damages to or destruction of any such lots. Dempsey Auction Company is not responsible for equipment left on premises upon completion of the auction. Buyers are advised to remove their purchases as soon as possible or obtain insurance for potential loss.

The decision of the Auctioneer shall be final in all matters pertaining to property removal and/or extent of contents of lots sold, etc.

PAYMENT: Upon award of the high bid, all purchases must be paid for in full at sales conclusion. Purchases must be paid for in cash; cashier's check/certified check; personal or company check accompanied by irrevocable bank letter guaranteeing payment, to Dempsey Auction Company, from your bank, for this particular sale. NO letters of credit issued for other sales will be honored.

There will be a 10% BUYERS PREMIUM charged on all confirmed sales. Sales price consists of bid price plus BUYERS PREMIUM.

7% Sales tax must be paid on all purchases unless purchaser has a gate card, or valid sales tax exemption certificate and executes a sales tax exemption form. If purchaser does not know his tax number and present his certificate, sales tax will be paid.

FIREARM TRANSFERS: All firearms will be transferred from Creekside Guns and Ammo in Taylorsville, GA (770.634.2144). Upon paying for your gun, you will receive a PAID receipt and may begin the transfer process and retrieve your purchase from their location at 1669 Old Alabama Rd, Taylorsville, GA 30178. There is a $100/gun and $75/suppressor transfer fee, and this includes background check and transfer paperwork. PLEASE NOTE—IF YOU DO NOT PASS THE BACKGROUND CHECK or ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THIS PURCHASE, YOUR MONEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED, IT WILL BE FORFEITED. DO NOT BID ON A GUN UNLESS YOU CAN PASS THE BACKGROUND CHECK!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

BUYER’S NOTE: Dempsey Auction Company and the Seller reserve the right to amend any terms of conditions of the auction by announcing such amendments prior to or during the auction. All information published, announced or contained herein was derived from sources believed to be correct; however, it is not guaranteed by the Seller or the Auctioneer. Neither the Auctioneer nor the Seller makes any warranty or guarantee as to the correctness and completeness of any information. The failure of any bidder to inspect, or to be fully informed as to the condition of the property, will not constitute grounds for any claim or demand for adjustment or withdrawal of bid, offer, or earnest money after its opening tender. The Receiver and Auctioneer reserve the right to amend and/or adjust the terms at anytime prior to the conclusion of the auction.

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